Parent Portal Information

If you are interested in trying this system please contact your Student's School(s).

Welcome to Parent Tools - Student Information, your connection to grade, attendance, and homework information. To create a student or parent account, please follow the instructions below. If you have trouble creating an account or accessing information, please contact your Student's School Office.

What you will need:

• Internet connected computer (Windows only; unfortunately, Parent Access to Student Information will not run on a Mac)
• Microsoft Explorer 5.0 or newer(available at )
• Home telephone number, with area code
• Student permanent ID number
• Verification code

Get the student permanent ID number and verification code from your Student's School.

To Begin: Go to the Parent Tools - Student Information web site

Click on Parent Tools - Student Information/Parent Portal or open Explorer and enter this address 
You will see the screen shown below.

Click on Create New Account (please leave Email Address and Password blank when creating your account).


Step 1: Select Account Type

Click on Parent or Student as appropriate, then click Next.

Step 2: Enter your email address and select a password

Please enter your email address twice for verification. Parents and students should each enter their own individual email address.

Think of a password that’s secure and hard to guess. Enter it in Choose Password and Retype Password. You will use this password to access your account.


Step 3: Respond to the email message from Parent Access to Student Information Help

When you click Next in Step 2 above, a message will be sent to your email. Please open your email program, open the message from Parent Access to Student InformationHelp, and follow the instructions. If you do not get an e mail message, please repeat Step 2 and check the spelling of your email address carefully.

Step 4: Enter student verification information

Please Note: If your email address is already in our database, this step happens automatically, and you can follow the screen prompts to finish the account set up process.

If your email address is not in our database, you will need to Enter the student permanent ID number, your home telephone number with area code, and the verification code and click Next.


Step 5: Connect your email account to the student’s contact information

Our database stores all of a student’s emergency contact people as separate records. This step connects your email address to the right person in that set of records.

To Finish: Go to the Parent Tools - Student Information log on screen

Click on Parent Tools - Student Information or open Explorer and enter this address You will see the log on screen again, but instead of clicking on Create New Account, use the email address you used to create your account, plus the password you created, to access student information.

When you are finished using Parent Access to Student Information, please log out and close Explorer. If you wish to continue using the Internet, relaunch Explorer.      

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