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Dream Act application numbers surpass last year's after successful campaign
A campaign to allay undocumented students’ anxieties produced a last-minute rush of applications for California Dream Act college grants and brought the total to slightly higher than last year’s, officials said Friday. 
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Without providing details, Trump and DeVos continue to promote 'school choice' plan
In his first speech to a joint session of Congress, President Donald Trump last night called on Congress to pass “school choice” legislation, but without providing any details of what it should consist or how much it would cost. 
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Common Core in California likely to continue despite Trump opposition
Opposition by President Donald Trump and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to the Common Core is unlikely to slow implementation of the new standards in English language arts and math in states like California, where there has been little opposition to the standards. 
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EdSource poll: Child care and preschool costs force parents to make difficult tradeoffs
The high cost of child care and preschool is placing a financial strain on California families and has forced many parents of young children to make difficult tradeoffs regarding work and family life, including choosing lower quality programs or even leaving the workforce altogether. 
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Rethinking classroom design to promote creativity and collaboration
Tne area that has remained relatively untouched by Silicon Valley’s famed “disruptive” ethos is the design of public school classrooms, which for the most part have remained essentially unchanged since the one-room schoolhouse. 
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In tie-breaking vote, Senate confirms Betsy DeVos as education secretary
The U.S. Senate today confirmed Betsy DeVos as secretary of education – but only after Vice President Michael Pence, sitting in the presiding officer’s chair at the front of the chamber, broke a historic 50-50 tie in what was the first time a vice president cast the deciding vote for a member of the Cabinet. 
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School districts step up protections for immigrant students
As fears mount about a federal crackdown on undocumented immigrants, a growing number of California school districts are trying to reassure students they will be able to attend school without the intrusion of federal authorities. 
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California will administer new pilot science test despite U.S. Department of Education ruling
In less than two months, California will begin giving public school students a pilot version of an online test based on new science standards – one of the first states to do so in the United States. 
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