Local Educational Agency Plan (LEAP)


SPRING WINDOW - Free SES Classes or Tutoring Starting the MIDDLE OF MARCH
Elementary PI Letter
  Elementary SES Application
Middle School PI Letter
  Middle School SES Application Form
High School PI Letter
  High School SES Application Form
Carta de la escuela primaria PI
  Formulario de Solicitud para SES
Carta de la escuela secundaria
  Formulario de applicación SES de escuela secundaria
Carta de la escuela preparatoria
  Formulario de applicación SES de escuela preparatoria
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2013/2014 Available Elementary Schools-School of Choice Transfer:  Lake Tahoe Environmental Science Magnet School
2013/2014 Available Middle Schools - School of Choice Transfer: N/A - only 1 middle school in district
2013/2014 Available High Schools:  N/A - School of Choice Transfer - only 1 comprehensive high school in district
2007/2008 School Year:  680 students were eligible for SES services and 158 students participated.
2008/2009 School Year:  712 students were eligible for SES services and 157 students participated.
2009/2010 School Year:  1019 students were eligible for SES services and 186 students participated.
2010/2011 School Year:  2158 students were eligible for SES services and 464 students participated.
2011/2012 School Year:  2222 students were eligible for SES services and 307 students participated.
2012/2013 School Year:  2375 students were eligible for SES services and 369 students participated.


Dear Parent(s) and Guardian(s):Welcome to the 2013–14 school year! This publication includes important information about your legal rights as well as provisions of the Education Code and District Board Policies and Administrative Regulations that may impact your student’s education. California Education Code Section 48980 requires governing boards of local school districts to provide annual notification to parents and legal guardians (hereafter included in the term parents) of minor pupils of their rights regarding certain school activities. Education Code Section 48982 requires that parents sign and return to school the notice acknowledging that they have been informed of their rights. Legally required notification is hereby provided.

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Estimado(s) padre(s) y tutor(es): ¡Bienvenidos al año escolar 2013-2014! Esta publicación incluye información importante sobre sus derechos legales, así como las disposiciones del Código de Educación y las políticas y regulaciones administrativas de la Mesa Directiva del Distrito que pueden influir en la educación de su estudiante. La Sección 48980 del Código de Educación de California exige que las mesas directivas de los distritos escolares locales notifiquen anualmente a los padres y tutores (de ahora en adelante incluidos en el término "padres") de estudiantes menores de edad sobre sus derechos relacionados ciertas actividades escolares. La Sección 48982 del Código de educación exige que los padres firmen y entreguen a la escuela la notificación para acusar que han sido informados de sus derechos. La notificación requerida por ley se entrega por la presente.



Districtwide Enrollment Form 
Bus Pass Application & Fee Information

Bus Pass Application for Free or Reduced Pass

 School Bus Rules

Elementary School of Choice Program
"Fair Share" Athletic Donation Program
Internet Permission Form
K-12 Homework Guidelines
Kid Zone - Childcare Program Handbook
Transitional Kindergarten information and forms


COMPLAINT PROCEDURES: The Lake Tahoe Unified School District takes all concerns and complaints seriously. The District values the concerns of our parents, staff, students and community. Complaints are respected and honored; there are no negative consequences for filing a complaint.  No reprisals or retaliation shall be invoked against any student, parent or employee for processing, in good faith, a complaint, either on an informal or formal basis, or for participating in any way in these complaint procedures.  Every attempt is made to resolve complaints informally and at the lowest level possible. In the instances when that is not possible, a formal process is in place.



 2014/2015 Application for Free and Reduced Meals Online!


Aplicacion para Matriculacion 
Cuota de Transporte de la Casa a la Escuela
Solicitud para entrada gratuita de transporte y la de precio reducido de transporte
Procedimientos para transferencias y matrícula abierta
"Proporcion Imparcial" Programa de Donacion Atletico
Contrato de use aceptable para la red del la computadora
 K-12 Guía Para Tareas en Casa


Programa Tradicional de Kínder
 2014/2015 Aplicar para Beneficios de Comidas Gratis o a Precio Reducido Sobre el Internet!





PROCEDIMIENTOS DE QUEJAS: El lago Tahoe Distrito Escolar Unificado toma todas las inquietudes y quejas en serio. El Distrito valora las preocupaciones de nuestros padres, personal, estudiantes y la comunidad. Sean respetados y honrados Quejas; no hay consecuencias negativas para presentar una queja. No hay represalias o venganzas podrán ser invocadas contra cualquier estudiante, padre o empleado para el procesamiento, de buena fe, una queja, ya sea de manera informal o formal, o por participar en forma alguna en estos procedimientos de queja. Hacemos todo lo posible para resolver las quejas de manera informal y en el nivel más bajo posible. En los casos en los que no es posible, un proceso formal está en su lugar.  

Querellas Relacionadas a Empleados Distritales (BP/AR 1312.1) Y Procedimientos Uniformes de Querellas (BP/AR 1312.3)

Procedimientos para Uniformidad en Quejas
Procedimiento Williams para Uniformidad en las Quejas

If you are interested in trying this system please contact your Student's School(s).

Welcome to Parent Tools - Student Information, your connection to grade, attendance, and homework information. To create a student or parent account, please follow the instructions below. If you have trouble creating an account or accessing information, please contact your Student's School Office.

What you will need:

• Internet connected computer (Windows only; unfortunately, Parent Access to Student Information will not run on a Mac)
• Microsoft Explorer 5.0 or newer(available at )
• Home telephone number, with area code
• Student permanent ID number
• Verification code

Get the student permanent ID number and verification code from your Student's School.

To Begin: Go to the Parent Tools - Student Information web site

Click on Parent Tools - Student Information/Parent Portal or open Explorer and enter this address
You will see the screen shown below.

Click on Create New Account (please leave Email Address and Password blank when creating your account).

Step 1: Select Account Type

Click on Parent or Student as appropriate, then click Next.

Step 2: Enter your email address and select a password

Please enter your email address twice for verification. Parents and students should each enter their own individual email address.

Think of a password that’s secure and hard to guess. Enter it in Choose Password and Retype Password. You will use this password to access your account.

Step 3: Respond to the email message from Parent Access to Student Information Help

When you click Next in Step 2 above, a message will be sent to your email. Please open your email program, open the message from Parent Access to Student InformationHelp, and follow the instructions. If you do not get an e mail message, please repeat Step 2 and check the spelling of your email address carefully.

Step 4: Enter student verification information

Please Note: If your email address is already in our database, this step happens automatically, and you can follow the screen prompts to finish the account set up process.

If your email address is not in our database, you will need to Enter the student permanent ID number, your home telephone number with area code, and the verification code and click Next.

Step 5: Connect your email account to the student’s contact information

Our database stores all of a student’s emergency contact people as separate records. This step connects your email address to the right person in that set of records.

To Finish: Go to the Parent Tools - Student Information log on screen

Click on Parent Tools - Student Information or open Explorer and enter this address You will see the log on screen again, but instead of clicking on Create New Account, use the email address you used to create your account, plus the password you created, to access student information.

When you are finished using Parent Access to Student Information, please log out and close Explorer. If you wish to continue using the Internet, relaunch Explorer.


As part of normal operations of the school district, all campuses have comprehensive, up-to-date safety plans in place to address a variety of emergency conditions such as fire, earthquake, sheltering, and evacuation. The plans are reinforced through drills with students and at regular meetings with our employees.

In any emergency situation, specific response strategies will depend on the nature and scope of the incident and prevailing conditions. In most incidents, public safety and emergency management personnel will play a critical role in identifying the specific nature, cause, and extent of the emergency, as well as providing guidance to administrators on the response steps that must be carried out.

Your children are surrounded daily by professionals who have dedicated their lives to helping their students; in the event of an emergency, you can count on these caring individuals to keep your children secure. All employees in the LTUSD continue to work to make all our schools safe and secure environments.

If you have questions about your child's safety and school support responses, please contact your principal. Your understanding, support, and cooperation are vital as we take these precautionary actions on behalf of our students.

Below are links to how we are working to keep kids safe:

All Unitied States Amber Alerts:
CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocates
Megan's Law - Information on Registered Sex Offenders

Expulsion & Suspension Data (UMIRS):
2009-10 School Site Expulsion & Suspension Data (PDF)
2009-10 Reuinr información de expulsión y suspensión (PDF)
2008-09 School Site Expulsion & Suspension Data (PDF)
2008-09 Reuinr información de expulsión y suspensión (PDF)
2007-08 School Site Expulsion & Suspension Data (PDF)
2006-07 School Site Expulsion & Suspension Data (PDF)
2006-07 Reuinr información de expulsión y suspensión (PDF)

Healthy Kids Surveys:
CHKS Comparison Report - 2002 through 2011
Spring 2011 Key Findings Report (PDF)
2010-11 Secondary School California Healthy Kids Survey (PDF)
2008-09 Elementary School California Healthy Kids Survey (PDF)
2008-09 Secondary School California Healthy Kids Survey (PDF)
2006-07 Elementary School California Healthy Kids Survey (PDF)
2006-07 Secondary School California Healthy Kids Survey (PDF)
Erase Bullying in our Schools (PDF)
Borre Bravuconeria en nuestras escuelas (PDF)

Emergency Preparedness:
Preparing for Emergencies - Things to do now! (PDF)
Emergency Procedures for Parents
Procedimiento de Emergencia para Padres


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