General Enrollment Information and Forms

Welcome to Lake Tahoe Unified School District! Below you will find our enrollment forms and related policies and procedures. To determine which elementary school you are zoned for, please select "Elementary School Boundaries" in the sidebar menu. We have one Middle School, one High School, and one Continuation High School in our District. Additionally, we offer Transitional Kindergarten, Independent Study and Online Learning programs.  The abbreviated list of requirements for enrollment are as follows:

1. Birth Certificate
2. Proof of Immunizations (See SB 277 Immunization Law in Sidebar Menu for More Information)
3. Proof of California Residency (See Below for Nevada Residents Working in CA)
4. Districtwide General Enrollment Form (below)

Additional enrollment requirements apply to Kindergarten/Transitional KindergartenClick here for more information on Kindergarten or Transitional Kindergarten enrollment.

Intradistrict (Residency 
Within the School District) Enrollment and/or Transfer

Admission and Residency Board Policy and Administrative Regulations (Click here).

Open Enrollment Board Policy and Administrative Regulations (Click here).

Districtwide General Enrollment Form  for all schools. Enrollment Form in Spanish.

Procedures for Open Enrollment Transfer and Open Enrollment Form  / Forma de inscripción abierta  for transfer between Elementary Schools.

Declaration of District Residency pursuant to BP/AR 5111.1


Interdistrict (Residency Outside of the School District) Enrollment/Transfer and Residency Based on Parent Employment

Board Policy and Administrative Regulations for Interdistrict Attendance.

Administrative Regulation for establishing District Residency Based on Parent Employment .

Forms required for Nevada residents working in South Lake Tahoe:

Application for Interdistrict Attendance *
Affidavit for District Residency Based on Parent Employment *

*In addition to normal enrollment procedures, parents residing in Nevada and working at least 10 hours per week within District boundaries, must complete these 2 forms and provide a copy of a paycheck stub from the California employer in order to establish Residency Based on Parent Employment. A Notary Public is available at the Education Center. 


For students living within LTUSD boundaries with a Caregiver - Use of this affidavit is authorized by Part 1.5 (commencing with Section 6550) of Division 11 of the California Family Code.

What is a Caregiver’s Authorization Affidavit? (Click here)         
Caregivers Authorization Affidavit


Other Enrollment Information

Elementary School Boundaries


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