Science Outreach Program

LTUSD, in partnership with the South Tahoe Environmental Education Coalition (STEEC), provides science outreach programs for our students.

STEEC is a network of more than 20 local agencies and organizations that collaborate to bring environmental education resources to the Tahoe Basin. As stated in our mission and goals, STEEC is “dedicated to bringing high quality environmental education programs and projects to Lake Tahoe youth.”

STEEC has created and implemented new programs for Lake Tahoe Unified School District (LTUSD) schools, reaching thousands of students each year. These programs have been so successful they have been adopted into local school curriculum and are being duplicated around the Lake Tahoe area.  STEEC has collaborated and partnered with LTUSD for nearly 6 years.  STEEC’s constant goal is to establish and implement programs that are hands-on, interdisciplinary, and standards-based in the classroom and the natural environment for place-based education.

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