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In tie-breaking vote, Senate confirms Betsy DeVos as education secretary
The U.S. Senate today confirmed Betsy DeVos as secretary of education – but only after Vice President Michael Pence, sitting in the presiding officer’s chair at the front of the chamber, broke a historic 50-50 tie in what was the first time a vice president cast the deciding vote for a member of the Cabinet. 
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School districts step up protections for immigrant students
As fears mount about a federal crackdown on undocumented immigrants, a growing number of California school districts are trying to reassure students they will be able to attend school without the intrusion of federal authorities. 
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California will administer new pilot science test despite U.S. Department of Education ruling
In less than two months, California will begin giving public school students a pilot version of an online test based on new science standards – one of the first states to do so in the United States. 
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UC regents approve first tuition hike in 6 years despite student opposition
Tuition for California undergraduates at the University of California will increase for the first time in six years next fall – a $336, or 2.7 percent, hike that university officials said is needed to expand enrollment and faculty. But critics contended it would limit access for students and scare away some applicants. 
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California's public universities grapple with uncertain future student enrollments
n planning for the future, California’s colleges and universities are trying to predict their enrollments five, 10 and even 20 years from now. But there is much uncertainty and disagreement over which factors should be weighed most heavily.  
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Brown's State of the State speech starkly at odds with Trump's vision in inaugural address
The contrast between Gov. Jerry Brown’s State of the State speech Tuesday and President Donald Trump’s inaugural address less than a week ago could not have been starker. 
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New program aims to create more uniform standards among linked learning academies
California’s hundreds of high school career academies can now boost their prestige — and create a greater degree of uniformity — through a voluntary certification program, an education nonprofit announced Tuesday. 
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Legislative Analyst's Office believes Brown is lowballing revenues
Forecasters from the Legislative Analyst’s Office predicted in November that state revenues this year and next would be healthy, and they’re sticking to it in their latest budget outlook, despite economic pessimism underlying Gov. Brown’s proposed budget for next year.  
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At DeVos' Senate Hearing, Questions Of Choice, Charters, 'Other Options'
The education philosophy of Betsy DeVos boils down to one word: choice. The billionaire has used her money to support the expansion of public charter schools and private school vouchers. 
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